Huge 35-Pound-Cat Finds a New Home And a New Diet

Some cats stay in shelters for days, some for weeks, some even for months at a time. With the number of adorable furballs waiting to be taken home compared to the amount of people wanting to adopt, it can make it very very hard for some cats to find their forever home.

 This cat, however, only had a flying visit, as he was scooped up by his new family only hours after his ad for adoption went online. 

What's so special about this cat? Meet Symba.

The fat cat had trouble walking due to his extreme weight

This 35-pound ball of cuteness was left to the staff at the Humane Rescue Alliance after his owner could no longer keep him, and although being highly over weight, staff say that this mellow pussy cat has no trace of diabetes, but his obesity needs tackling.

Before his weight loss journey began, Symba was heavier than a new born lion cub, which usually weighs around three pounds but staff went all in to change that, teaching Symba to walk on a cat wheel, making him work through puzzles for his treats, and feeding him once every 12 hours.

Symba upon arrival

Luckily for Symba, his new family is super serious about his new routine and took him home ready to help him get fit and healthy, and enjoy the rest of his life.

Check out the upcoming video to see Symba strutting his stuff!

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