Pictures Of Black Cats Will Make You Want To Run Out And Adopt One Immediately

So, for some reason there is a massive stigma against black cats. (Okay, I’m sure there IS a reason I just don’t care because it is rude and uncalled for.) As a result, they are less likely to be adopted than other cats! Which just breaks my heart—and will break yours, once you see how cute they are.

Whether it is because of their association with witchcraft and superstition, black cats get a bad rap. But this ends today with this massive appreciation post for black cats.  Because, honestly, I think a black cat crossing my path would be the best part of my week.

1. So beautiful

2. "I'm ready for bed"

3. :p


4. Hard day on the job?

5. Still don't like swimming

6. Like a little astronaut

7. Are lil black cats cuter than other ones? Discuss.

8. I see now why they're associated with witchcraft

... but witchcraft is cool as HECK

9. "I do NOT want to talk about it"

10. Best pals

11. So cute!

12. Tiny. Tiny. Tiny.

13. "If we sit like this maybe they won't see both of us"

14. Ying & yang

15. My heart aches

16. The perfect companion for a vampire

17. Talk about a copy cat

18. LOVE

19. Blep

20. Absolutely stunning

21. Little baby!

22. Test me, I dare you

23. Look into the void

24. I want them all

25. Smoll

26. Optical illusion?

27. I just want to give it a cuddle

28. What cat?

29. I love them all

30. It looks like a dust bunny


32. The superhero we didn't know we needed

33. Peekaboo

34. Look... I can explain

35. :P :P :3

36. Mini me

37. Wow just look at these eyes

38. What a gradient!

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