Photographer Takes Beautiful Pictures of Black Dogs and Cats to Prove They Shouldn't Be Last On The List For Adoption

Statistically, black dogs and cats get the short end of the stick when it comes to finding themselves loving forever homes.

Worldwide, more black shelter animals are euthanized due to being unable to be re-homed, than any other type of dog or cat.

As crazy as it sounds, there seem to be a few main reasons for this.

Firstly, they (apparently) don't photograph well. Secondly, black dogs, in particular, can look and be perceived as intimidating. Thirdly, there is that old as time notion that black cats are bad luck. And lastly, some people find black pets to be a bit boring to look at. Ridiculous, I know.

Photographer, Emma O'Brien, decided to give her amazing talent the task of proving these points wrong.

Emma published a series of stunning photos of black dogs and cats, who have all now been adopted into loving homes.

Scroll down to see Emma's beautiful work!

#1 Merlin

Lost his eye whilst on a secret mission for MI5. Keeps requesting a monetary allowance for a diamond-encrusted patch. Keeps being denied. Has put in an order with Cartier and is going to expense it.

#2 Echo

Small. Cute. Master manipulator.

#3 Guinness

Judgmental as all hell. Found living under a trailer but is in no way trashy.

#4 Merlin

An enthusiastic advocate for the legalization of The Nip. Might have had some before the shoot.

#5 Gabriel

Insisted on a head shot only because he's still trying to get bikini ready.

#6 Truffle

Part of an 'oopsie' litter but insists that he's full pedigree. Still thinks this shoot was for Country Life magazine.

#7 Jessie

As crazy as she looks. Once used a set of toddlers as skittles. Claims it was a total accident.

#8 Maya The Mexican

Won't make eye contact until you've downed four tequila shots and said 'Xoloitzcuintli' correctly. Good luck.

#9 Casper

Likes the finer things in life. Insists on silk sheets. Secretly likes to wear feather boas.

#10 Mia

Weighs 50kg, thinks she's a lap dog. Can take out a couch once she breaks into a gentle trot.

#11 Toby

Has a fetish for sitting on velvet chairs. His tongue isn't the only thing he lets hang out.

#12 Lena

Full-time retiree. Part-time therapist. Will always share her couch, but may fall asleep whilst you talk.

#13 Red

Yes, that is paint on his ear. Yes, this is his last ever modeling gig.

#14 Parker

Raised by a cat. Has a full repartee of witty one-liners. Won't wait to be invited to use them.

#15 Dogg

Pronounced 'D' 'O' "double G' as in Snoop. Impossibly cool. Fan of hip hop.

#16 Grace

Only wears Gucci. Anxiously waiting for a Net-A-Porter delivery that's taking forever to arrive.

#17 Arizona

Didn't stop talking throughout the shoot. Also has paint on her ear. Also fired.

#18 Bentley

Reserved at first. Secretly a HUGE Madonna fan. Has all her albums.

#19 Nancy

Slightly needy, snorer of note. Sheds so much that her mom now dresses like Batman.

#20 Pest-O

Celebrated her tenth birthday just before the shoot. Her official age, however, is four and a half. She's waiting for an appointment with her stylist.

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