Woman Finds Tiny Black Kitten With No Eyelids In The Woods And Her Dog Becomes His Brother

A woman named Hannah Erbe was attending an art class when she suddenly found an adorable black kitten hiding near her teacher's home. It was a stray kitten who visibly had some eye issues, and Hannah could tell that he couldn't see anything as a result. 

Due to this, the kitten didn't run away when she came near him. Erbe decided that the kitten needed medical attention, so she picked him up and took him home with her.

from the very moment, she found him, Erbe knew that the cat, who she named "Inky," had eyes issues. However, she didn't realize how bad they were until she took him to the vet. 

Eyelid agenesis is a medical condition that caused Inky to be born without any eyelids. Due to this, his eyes were being exposed all the time, and it was clear that he was going to need some treatment.

Even though the vet told Hannah to expect Inky to be very needy (in a medical sense), she became attached to him right away and knew that she needed to fight for him. She decided to adopt him to give him a forever home and help him.

“The keratitis makes it look like tree branches are growing in his eyes and impair his vision. The anterior segment dysgenesis has caused his pupils not to form correctly, so they are misshapen and increase the risk of glaucoma and blindness in the future. His eyes are smaller than normal as well. They cause him some discomfort and his vision is not the best, but he has adapted so well you wouldn’t notice if he didn’t look so different!”

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