Man Sets Up Camera To Capture The Adorable Bobcat Kittens On His Roof

When seeing a wild, predatory animal on their property, most people would be terrified and stay away from the creature. Rather than staying away, this man from Arizona took a different approach when he realised bobcats continued to come back to his roof.

Reddit user littlebill246 of Tucson has lived at his address for two years. He has seen bobcats come and go from his roof at the same time of year. The first time he saw the mother bobcat and her bobkittens (which he thinks were birthed on his roof). Curious, and excited, he set up a camera the next year to investigate exactly what was happening on his roof.

The mother bobcat with her two bobkittens

littlebill246 has given us some extra information about his visitors

You can see this bobkitten has discovered the camera and is intrigued by it

Bobcats are nocturnal and are very elusive

They adapt well to diverse habitats such as forests, swamps, deserts, and even suburban areas according to National Geographic.

Bobcats are solitary animals, but females find a secluded den and raise a litter for 9-12 months

You can watch the entire video here

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