These Cool Cats Seem To Think They Own The Stores They Live In, And They're Mostly Right

What's better than a rad cat? One that knows he's ra-d-a-ta-ta-ta-ta! When in all actuality, he's a bodega cat. What's that you ask?

A store-front cat. Be that a deli, cafe, a convenience store, or a shop, a bodega cat is one that inhabits a business front.

They're a hardworking breed of kitty cat, and they call the stores that they're famous in, their home. The term is especially popular in New York City.

So much so, that Bodega Cats is in fact a social media project that is dedicated completely to spotting and then celebrating the beloved felines by submitting the photo to those that run the showcase. Then they share them with their following, and the result?

A staggering collection of refined kitty photos. What more could someone want, right?

#1 My lantas this is too funny!

#2 I am definitely not prepared for the cuteness overload!

#3 That cat is so... SQUISHY!

#4 Where is da kitty?

#5 "We're grumpy about it. but we're open."

#6 "I must have dis."

#7 I spy...

#8 This loaf isn't for sale!

#9 "I suggest this one sir."

#10 "I have claimed this box as my own, kthanksbye."

#11 "I'm watching you."

#12 "Don't even think about it lady!"

#13 Alien kitties? Ha, just kidding.

#14 "Fanta, Fanta, get your Fanta!"

#15 "I didnt take nuffing sir."

#16 "I must stretch so that I must fit."

#17 "You, human, yeah you, you think you're so smooth cause you have fingers..."

#18 "Don't look at me! I'm hideous!"

#19 "I will be assisting you today."

#20 The perfect place to rest. Guardian of the eggs.

#21 "You did WHAT?!"

#22 Bebe kitty in bodega training.

#23 "Nothing gets passed this bodega cat."

#24 "This beer sure makes you bloat!"

#25 "What are you doing?! Look away from me!"

#26 "Sweetie, you need the TP!"

#27 "You gotta jump for what you really want."

#28 "I'm sassy and I know it."

#29 The most relaxing spot.

#30 "Human you must EAT! Then feed me too of course."

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