This Video Of A Cat Undoing The Lock On A Door For His Owner To Be Let Inside Has Gone Viral

Gabby Tropea is a model from Austin, Texas with a very intelligent feline friend named Boko. She rescued Boko when she found him under a bench at her university, and they seemed to have formed a special cat-human bond ever since.

Recently, Gabby came back from walking her sister to school only to find that she had forgotten her house keys and was locked outside. Realising this, her kitty Boko was distressed and was scratching at the door for her to come in. (Which she obviously couldn't.)

However, out of pure determination and communication with his owner, Boko pulled out the stick that locked the back door so Gabby could let herself inside. What kind of miracle is this?

Gabby thought that she would have to wait an hour for her sister to come back, but something else happened.

THIS happened. Boko, you absolute legend.

Miracle kitten right here.

Wise words, Gabby, wise words.

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