14 Purrfect Comics: If Your Boss Was A Cat

Tom Fonder's "The Adventures of Business Cat" webcomic has been a hit for years now and it's not hard to see why, whether you're a fan of cats or not: they're hilarious. Tom currently lives and works in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, he went to University to study film but when a "silly comic" he drew went viral his life took a drastic turn.

Business Cat's own little "about section" describes him as a wealthy, billionaire, boss, playboy pet. If that doesn't set the precedent for just how humorous the comics about him will be, all you really need to do is consider these cat mannerisms and behaviors. Add them together and you basically have webcomic gold.

Honestly, if you can make it through this list without cackling from laughing so hard then you might be broken because these are seriously hysterical.

1. Business Cat and Matters of Race

He means business.

2. Love at First Sight

It's the most beautiful thing ever in the eyes of a cat.

3. Solid Secretary Work

What else would business cat need a secretary for?

4. Compensation Packages

No other company's bonus packages compare.

5. Cat Productivity 101

This is how we get things done.

6. Happy Cat

He is so proud of himself...!

7. Productivity

Sometimes productivity isn't all that high.

8. Christmas Party

Somehow the company Christmas party has not been as much fun since Business Cat was hired.

9. Janet to the Rescue

Janet, your services are invaluable.

10. Secret Weapon

Can you imagine how this would revolutionize the business industry? Those precious eyes...

11. Cat-tastic

Every cat knows this lifestyle.

12. Twist:

The bowl isn't empty, it's just not full.

13. Cat Owners Know This Struggle

How? We all need to know how cats manage this.

14. Business Cat and the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

It's only a matter of time.

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