This Woman's Boyfriend Asked Her To Choose Between Him and Her Cats

Love is a wonderful thing and it's even better when you get to live together. Moving in with your partner is a major milestone in any relationship and it can be a way of telling whether your lifestyle is truly compatible with theirs. Often, when living with a partner, there are sacrifices that need to be made. Some of these can be resolved with a mature compromise, but other times, they can tear the relationship apart.

For example, when one person likes the dishes to be done instantly and the other is happy to live in squalor. In other cases though, the demands are a little more extreme.

One UK woman posted her dilemma to a parenting thread.

After more than a year of living together, her boyfriend asked her to get rid of her three pet cats.

She was stunned.

He said he couldn't stand them being in the house anymore. He also claimed that she uses animals as a substitute for love.

The cats were rescued from a shelter and leaving them was not an option.

She tried to talk rationally about it with him, but he wasn't willing to discuss it.

So, she asked strangers on the internet.

All the respondents to her post were disgusted with his behaviour.

Asking her to choose between her beloved cats and him spoke volumes about what kind of person he was.

In the wise words of Britney Spears' famous t-shirt: DUMP HIM

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