10+ Boyfriends Who Swore They Didn't Want Cats... Until They Got One

I think we all know a person who swears black and blue that no matter how many they have met they just don't. Like. Cats.

And I think we all know that (unless they're allergic) that's usually a big fat lie. Cats are wonderful, fluffy balls of love that can win over even the coldest of hearts, as long as you give them a chance.

So when these boyfriends finally caved in to letting their partner get a cat it wasn't long before "Your" cat became "our" cat and then of course "my" cat. They fell in love, and I'm sure these cute cats won't be the only ones to join their family.

So here is where we start: A guy who obviously just HATES cats

Not a lap cat? Or just not the right person?

I meeeean... Looks like he's pretty keen on it now... Just saying.

It's not in an office, it's in a bed.

My guess is they've visited this cafe a lot more than once

He looks like a proud father!

"I'm moving out!" ... "And taking the cat."

Who said a cat can't be man's best friend too?

Sometimes there's one special face that just melts the heart

Share your home, share your love, share your couch!

A cat? NO. A gaming partner? YES

This boyfriend has great taste, even if he is lying about it

This guy has two cats! TWICE THE LOVE

Who said cats don't love fun?

And lastly, a guy who breaks his own rules for the love of a cat...

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