Boyfriends And Husbands That Fell In Love With The Cats They Never Wanted

If you love cats, but your partner doesn't... well... don't worry. You probably can change your husband's or boyfriend's mind in just a matter of seconds. Maybe your guy really meant it when he said he don't want a cat in the house, but that doesn't necessarily mean the cat doesn't want him.

Cats have their own ways of showing irresistible charm that can melt even the toughest heart in the world. And that's not a myth... we have pieces of evidence that show how cats can change the minds and hearts of those who declare they never want to have a cat.

Check out these boyfriends and husband who fell in love with cats they never wanted:

1. This boyfriend who quickly fell in love with the kitty

2. This badass dad who found his new badass best friend

3. This boyfriend who forgot how he hate cats

4. The dad who comforts the kitty in need

5. This dad makes sure his cat is comfy and snuggly

6. The boyfriend who still claims he hates cat

7. This husband who is in denial

8. This boyfriend "isn't a cat person."

9. This husband who lets the cat groom his beard

10. This boyfriend demonstrates the new bed to the cat

11. This husband now *really* likes cats

12. This boyfriend who definitely was lying when he said he dislikes cats

13. This husband babytalks to the cat

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