Stunning Personalized Pet Portraits Are Created By This Incredibly Talented Artist

United States based digital artist Zoe is known online in the art world as "msmrmastermind," both on DeviantArt and Instagram.

Zoe's personality shines through when she shares her work, with honesty and sincerity. It's clear she is a kind person who loves animals and loves art. Her pieces are stunning clashes of color featuring and highlighting the unique beauty of the individual animals she depicts.

Commemorating our pets into iconic works of art is something that a lot of families are turning towards these days, it's a booming industry! But only some artists are nailing it. I think Zoe, or mrmrsmastermind, is one of those artists.

A gift for a friend on Instagram of their kitty. You should check out their art: @peggin
My part of an AT with the wonderful @gio.castelli_ on Instagram. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. I'll probably try something like it again
An attack on mothmori. It was a friendly fire, so don't worry about revenging. It really was just an excuse to make you a gift. Unfortunately it didn't turnout as I had hoped it would, but it was good practice. I got the color scheme from @/devinellekurtz drawings.
A portrait of my cat who passed earlier this year. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out. It is heavily based off of a picture I took of him before things took a turn for the worse.
Don't ask me what breed he is, I have no idea. But if you do I'd love to hear it! This took me about 4 and a half hours. I will probably do more of these! I was using one of @/tamberella's wonderful gumroad tutorials and it really helped. You can find them here . I used "Painting animals". I'll probably do this again with my other cats later.

Cats for days.

A friendly fire on the wonderful Wanderways. She's supposed to be picking up her necklace for the first time as she grew into her roles (there has to be a better word) as a goddess (that's what she is right?). But it has been pointed out to me that she looks like she's bowing. Either way works I guess.
A little gift I made a friend earlier.
This was supposed to be a sketch, but then it wasn't. So, have a tiger head!
Here's a wip of a commission I've been working on.
This is @dsteinface 's dog, Charlie. Dana is an incredible actor in @beetlejuicebway right now who also just happens to have a couple adorable puppies. You should check both of them out if you haven't! You won't be dissapointed!
One of many winter commissions I'm working on. I actually combined 4 pictures to get this portrait which doesn't normally turn out well for me, but I'm pretty satisfied with how it ended up.
Another commission for a friend! I had fun trying out some new texture brushes by Kyle T. Webster. Apparently you can get them at no added cost if you're subscribed to Photoshop. I feel late to the party lol. I really love them though, they really make all the difference.

Have you had your pet commemorated in art before? Share your thoughts and pictures in the comment section! Want something lighthearted and fun? Check out these Renaissance Pet Canvases available now!

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