Bride Throws Toy Cat Instead Of Flowers At Her Wedding To See Who Will Adopt One Next

When Karen Marmo was planning her wedding, she knew one thing for sure; she wasn't going to stick to all the usual wedding traditions. She wanted to do her day, her way, including when it came to tossing the bouquet.

Well, actually, Karen didn't toss a bouquet at all; she tossed a cat.

Oh no, don't worry, it wasn't a real cat. You see, Karen has always been a big cat lover. She has two beloved cats of her own, Catbug and Luna. And, since they couldn't be present at the wedding, Karen thought a fun way to still have them involved would be if she tossed a plush cat to her guests instead of a bouquet.

Instead of seeing who the next bride would be, Karen wanted to see who the next person to adopt a cat would be!

β€œI thought it’d be a fun way to include everyone regardless of gender or marital status, and it was very β€˜me’ since everyone knows I’m obsessed with cats,” Karen said.

Everyone loved the idea, so Karen bought a special Pusheen toy for the big day and started planning out the game.

When the celebration was well underway, Karen got ready to toss the toy cat into her waiting crowd of guests.

And Karen considered the game a huge success, even though it didn't quite go to plan.

"The person who caught it was my friend, Emma," Karen said. "She didn't mean to catch it since she's allergic. Guests fumbled the stuffed animal and it landed on her when she was shielding her face. I donated to my local shelter to make up for it."

Either way, Karen's guests loved the cute twist on the old tradition. And who knows? Maybe some of them will even decide to adopt a kitty of their own after all!

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