The Loneliest Cat In Britain Is Facing His Second Christmas Alone

The holidays come with a lot of joy but for many... not so much. The holidays can also be a depressing time and most significantly: a lonely time. For one cat, dubbed the loneliest in all of Britain, it is obviously that much harder for him. This year will be the second Christmas he has spent longing for what every cat deserves: his forever family.

The rescue cat is an 11-year old tuxedo named Toby. Last year on Christmas Eve, Toby was rescued from a home with 46 other cats and transported to an RSPCA branch in Canterbury, Kent. However, the odds were stacked against Toby and cats like him...

According to the official RSPCA of England, black cats wait 28 to 30 days for their forever home while living in the shelter. However, the shelter employees and volunteers were optimistic that sweet Toby would find his new home by the New Year.

Per their website in celebration of National Black Cat Day, the RSPA shares these stats:

Over the last three years (from 2015 to 2017) we have rehomed 3,169 blacks cats and it has taken, on average, 30 days to find them a home
In comparison to tabby cats - 1,613 have been rehomed within an average of 23 days, and ginger cats - 616 have been rehomed within 19 days
The most commonly seen cat in our care is a black and white cat - 4151 have been rehomed over the last three years and they wait an average of 28 days to find their new owner.

As the New Year came and went, Toby found himself still lonely at the shelter, awaiting his forever home. Then, sadly, the months continued to pass.

Before long, Toby passed the previous record holder for Britain's Loneliest Cat, Twizzle:

Toby did settle into a foster home, thankfully. But as the anniversary of his rescue fast approaches and well over 300 days have passed, Toby remains lonely, purr-haps destined to a life without a forever home?

Beth Hixson, from the RSPCA told reporters that Toby was initially a very shy puss, but over time in foster care he has really come out of his shell. His purrsonality is blooming. She said:

Toby’s former housemates were rehomed quite quickly but poor Toby didn’t cope well with being in the cattery, so hid away and wouldn’t come out to see people when they came to choose a cat.
We found a foster home for Toby where he has proven to be a sociable, friendly and interactive cat.

Purrsonality is an important part of how and why a cat gets adopted, and Toby has plenty of it! The shelter and his foster family say that Toby loves to venture outside and enjoy the sunshine and then he loves snuggling up at night. He sounds like the purrfect cat, the only thing the sweet boy is missing is the right family to share his life with.

RSPCA staff had hoped that Toby's big day would have come with National Black Cat Appreciation Day but that was in October. Beth said, "We’d love to see him a new home for Christmas, there must be someone out there looking for an older cat for some company." As of late November, the RSPCA said "almost half the cats in its care are black and it takes longer to rehome them than any other colour."

A Promising Update

After Toby's story went viral, calls began to flood in, inquiring about the senior cat. On their official Facebook page, the RSPCA said that things were in the finalization process. Will Toby have his forever home this Christmas?

Do you know the perks of adopting a senior pet? Let us know in the comments how pet adoption has impacted your life!

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