Twitter Account Of British Cat Hilariously Shares Daily Musings From Cat's Purr-spective

I'm sure, like myself, you have often wondered what your cat would say to you, or anyone at all, if they could communicate the same way us humans communicate. What if cats could use the Internet, too? What if they could communicate to the masses the same way we do every day of our lives?

Well, wonder no further my feline-fancy friends! A new Twitter account is taking the Internet by storm because the user details British life through the purr-spective of a cat. His name is Leo and from his home in Birmingham, Leo shares his "random meowsings about life" while being a "pampered Persian with a catnip habit." His sass and humor has us enthralled, and there's no denying it: LeosDiaries1 is the best cat account on Twitter right meow.

The struggle is real.

Cats do not like empty bowls. They also do not like slightly less than full bowls. How dare you?

Soaking up the good life.

That's what cats do best, Leo knows what's up.

Sharing the limelight? No thanks.

Leo enjoys his fame.

Poetic as heck.

If you don't appreciate this art, you're not the cat fanatic you claim to be.

Excuse you?

"No" is not in a cat's vocabulary, human filth.

Like many other famous cats, Leo is not a fan of Mondays.

I wonder if he also enjoys lasagne?

Some cats like costumes.

Leo is definitely not one of those cats.

What's next? No clue.

But boxes... boxes are here now and that's all that matters.


Leo's idea of flexible is not the same as mine.

Leo the Grump?

You can't blame him for his exemplary taste.

Boxes, Bleps, And Cats

Leo is one of a kind but he's not exempt from loving boxes or providing bleps to humans with cameras.

Now, to nap until more food.

A solid daily routine for any cat.

A true box lover if I've ever seen one.

Boxes, boxes, boxes.

Leo has tastes.

He will not compromise.

But it's here now, so we may as wel make the best of it.

We can turn a negative into a paws-itive.

Catnip for days.

Conveniently... girls for days, too. Apparently!

Living for the moment.

In other words: right meow.

Leo, Leo, Leo...

When Leo isn't busy amusing the masses on Twitter, he's melting our hearts on Instagram. Give him a follow!

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