These Cats Are All Jerks But We Love Them Anyway

Cats are known for many things. It's true that one of those things is they can kind of be jerks. Don't get me wrong, cats are the best companions! They just have attitude (sometimes referred to as "cattitude,") and even though sometimes it can be a pain, their sassy demeanors are just another endearing quality we both appreciate about our cats and celebrate about them.

If we didn't celebrate them, subreddits like r/catsareassholes and r/animalsarejerks wouldn't be so popular. They are very popular! Clearly the reasons why include a genuine appreciation for the naughty side of our cat companions. We love them wholly, blemishes and all.

1. Packed Up Proper

He even squishes in the cheeks, lol.

2. Gross

A gift or a warning? You decide.

3. The calm before the chaos...

"Please, don't."

4. "He looks at me like I'm beneath him."

It is not Breaking News.

5. WHY the dining room table?

So generous.

6. My favorite Christmas carol

A classic for cat owners.

7. Game Night with Cats

Always double the trouble.

8. Smoosh Fight

Cute lil jerks.

9. He ANGY


10. Revenge will be swift.

"My dad's cat, Jaxx, reacting to my dad petting his new dog, Frankie."

11. It's not often you see a cat so disappointed in their human.

Very displeased puss-puss:

12. He's not too shy to make his voice heard.

Loud N Proud

13. Conquered

And proud of it

14. Surveying his peasants.

Yes, he is that condescending.

15. Pets, Plays, and ATTACK!!!



17. I can hear the "meeeeeerrrrroooowwwww"

Can't you?

18. Here's a well known fact.

An exhibit entry in proof that cats can be jerks.

19. Or purrhaps this is just a warning

...Do NOT run out of tuna.

Unfortunately, the verdict is still out. We love cats too much to say they're jerks. Let us know what you think right meow in the comments!

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