18 Photos Of Cats Who Accidentally Camouflaged Themselves

Cats are great.

So intelligent, playful, and resourceful. And colorful. Don’t forget colorful. And that brings on many interesting situations. They can camouflage them self’s almost everywhere. And they are experts.

We can’t really say if they do it on purpose or by chance, but the results are impressive.

For every floor tile, blanket, wood flooring or piece of clothes there is a matching cat. And that brings so many photo opportunities. It is a shame to miss them.

We have collected some of the best photos of camouflaged cats and they are hilarious.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we did.

1. Flat cat.

2. And she just wanted to eat.

3. This cat is becoming one with the tree.

4. What a peaceful catnap.

5. This cat probably thought she found a doppelganger.

6. Protection and camouflage.

7. This kitten wanted the comfiest bed.

8. This is not a shadow. It’s a black cat behind.

9. This is a brave cat.

10. This is a wooden cat.

11. This is a liquid cat.

12. This cat can give you a heart attack when you want to change your shirt.

13. Did they get the cat or the tiles first?

14. Did they match the tiles to the cat or cat to the tiles?

15. This cat likes to cuddle with her twin.

16. This cat blends with the owner’s hairline.

17. Cat bear.

18. Another brick in the wall.

Do you have some pictures of camouflaged cats you want to share?

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