11 Times Illustrators Purr-fectly Captured Cats In Comics

Every cat is unique, with diverse personality quirks and no two cats are the same. However, if you've ever gleefully welcomes cats into your heart and life then you know that some things are definitely "cat quirks."

As cat lovers and cat enthusiasts we love the little things that make cats unique and that unite us all as cat lovers so when artists successfully capture the the little details and personality quips we can't help but just fawn over how spot on they are!

These 11 illustrations by Daria titled "Catsu the Cat" are some of the best you'll ever enjoy and today are guaranteed to make you laugh because they are so very accurate and nothing is capable of being more amusing than the truth! 

1. Rule Number One:

Never move a sleeping kitty.

2. Here's a helpful chart

We all know this to be Cat Law.

3. Cats:

The ultimate ghost hunters.

4. Aren't cats great?

That's a rhetorical question, we know they're great.

5. Sunlight

There's nothing like it in the whole wide world.

6. The truth is clear...

Cats would indeed make creepy humans.

7. Fact:

Cats want all the water... except the water designated to them.

8. If this is true...

Then my cat will win GOLD.

9. I just have one question:

Honestly, how long do you have to own a cat before you can sleep through the 2 hour long fiesta?

10. Masters of Drama

That's cats for you!

11. Cats are masters of many things

Sharing pillows is not one of them.

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