This Is Lilly, The Cara Delevingne Of All Cats And Owner Of Special Markings

I love cats, you love cats (hopefully) and this specific cat has some really special markings. Meet Lilly, the calico cat who is often referred to as the Cara Delevingne of cats. Why, you ask?

Well, Lilly's unique markings make her look like she has fierce, on fleek eyebrows; that paired with her beautiful, big, green eyes took cat people by storm. Lilly's owner found her on New Jersey's streets when she was 4 months old, and they've been happily living together ever since.

Here are some photos of Lilly for your enjoyment! (She deserves to be shown to the world.)

Here's Lilly in a car!


"Hello, human!"

Her eyes are mesmerizing.


She's sleeping again.

Oh, she's up!

Here's Lilly in her favorite basket.

"When are you going to feed me?"

That sombrero though.

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