Cat Burglar Raises Money For Homeless Shelter

Sir Whines-A-Lot is an office cat for a marketing firm in Oklahoma with a hilarious party trick. Office workers were confused when dollar bills began piling up inside the office's doors, but soon found the culprit; their cat. People had been using the dollar bills to play with Sir Whines-A-Lot under the glass office doors. But after playing, the sneaky cat would steal the money!

Surprised, and a little confused by the cat's antics, the office workers wanted to do something good with the money their cat inadvertently stole. For that reason, they began to donate it to a local homeless shelter.

Sir Whines-A-Lot was adopted from a rescue shelter in 2015. In addition to collecting cash, Sir Whines-A-Lot loves to people watch through the office windows.

His money-grabbing ways were discovered after workers at GuRuStu realised that people walking past late at night had been poking spare change through the door to play with the cat. Except cheeky Sir Whines-A-Lot would just steal the money!

He has now been appropriately awarded the nickname, CASHnip Kitty.

After going viral, the office now runs fundraising efforts; with those that can't play directly with Sir Whines-A-Lot sending their donations in the mail. They also set up a website,, to collect secure online donations.

Their Facebook page is flooded with donations, and pictures of the cheeky cat with piles of cash.

The family-run business, GuRuStu, has turned a funny situation into a genius fundraising solution to increase funds for their chosen charity, The Tulsa Day Centre for the Homeless. Taking advantage of their Robin-Hood-like cat and helping people in need is, undeniably, a beautiful thing to do.

Like many funny cat stories, the Cashnip Kitty has a large online following. You can follow, and donate via the Facebook page and over on Instagram at @cashnipkitty.

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