Cat Adopts Four Orphaned Baby Squirrels, And They Are Growing Up Together With Her Four Kittens

Four orphaned squirrels had terrible chances of surviving. They were too young to take care of themselves. If it weren’t for the kind stranger who brought them to the Crimea’s Bakhchisaray Miniature Park, they would undoubtedly die.

Thanks to their lucky star, he brought them to the right place. The staff did there best to make them comfortable and assure that they are healthy. Their quick thinking outside the box made four orphaned squirrels happy, healthy, and growing in a strange but cute family.

When they saw the little siblings, the first thing that came to take them to Pusha. She is a park resident, and she recently gave birth to four kittens, so her motherly instinct might extend to squirrels.

And to everyone’s delight Pusha and the little squirrels clicked and thy are now one large mixed family. And although it seems strange, these odd species combinations are not unheard of. The advantage of having nursing mothers and another animal to bond with is immense. 

“On one beautiful day, visitors brought us these wonderful squirrels in a box. At that time, our cat had just given birth,” Olga Fateeva, a park employee, said.

“We decided to introduce them to her, and she accepted them.”

There is always fear present when animal introductions are involved. This first meeting didn’t look promising. Four little squirrels were shocked by the sudden change and overwhelmed with their new surroundings.

Four little squirrels needed some time to check their new mom but accepted her and their new much larger brothers after a while.

It didn’t take long for everyone to get comfortable with this new situation, and they are now one big happy family.

The squirrels spend most of the day playing and cuddling with their new mom and siblings. The park staff is keeping an eye on Pasha’s milk production and making sure that every baby has enough for healthy development.

“They sleep together, follow each other, climb, and fight over milk,” says Olga.

This family is so cute:

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