Posts About Cats That Are Painfully Accurate Towards The Attitudes Of Cats


Cats are arrogant. Everyone who has met a cat can honestly say it, and every cat owner ever will tell people that their cat is sassy, stubborn, angry, or just trouble. 

That being said, they're also small little bundles of joy! Well, maybe not joy exactly but they're cute. The following posts and photos will make your cat say "OMG so ME!" because not only are they funny, but they are literally the most cattish-cats you'll ever get to see. 

We have cats being jealous, forcing themselves into places they don't fit, biting, clawing, and apparently calibrating! 

Check out the collection below to laugh at cats that are just like yours, or just get your fluffy feline fix for the day with posts you know you're going to love.

2. Jealousy level 1000

3. Also, let's schedule this at 3am

4. Everybody loves bread.

6. Long live the king...

7. Not even sorry

8. I can show you the wooooorld

9. Yeah... Cats are gross.

11. Calculating pounce in 3...2...1...

12. Do books taste as good as they smell?

13. points for effort, Chuck!

14. Black cats are the BEST cats!


17. yes. Yes. YES.

18. For some reason I think the cat hates that hat...

19. You go, cat coco

21. A wee thirsty boooooy

22. Fancy feets!

23. Mr. Kitten Pants

24. The cutest little rule breaker

26. And finally: Cat counselling.

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