Cat Returns Home After Night Out With A Bag Of Marijuana Much To His Policeman Dad's Delight

We’re all guilty of the occasional bout of laziness and forgetfulness. You know when you accidentally leave something outside and you’re comfortable in bed and can’t be bothered going to get it, so you just decide to wait until morning and fetch it then. Well, if you’ve ever done that, but discovered your item is missing; this cat burglar may be to blame.

Tigger, from Oregon now has the nickname "Kleptokitty." Tigger has a strange habit of stealing toys, gloves, cups, trash, and underwear from its neighbours. Tigger’s owner is a police officer and was terribly surprised to discover that their cat was helping with law enforcement duties!

Tigger found some marijuana and handed it over to his police-officer dad!

It wasn't even bring your pet to work day!

Watch the video below to get more information

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