This Cat Was Allowed On The Balcony For The First Time And People Are Loving His Reactions

Cats are some of the most expressive animals on the planet. They have the best facial expressions with their cute little mouths, and their pink little tongues which they love to poke out. And those cartoon-like eyes that seem to get as wide as saucers when they notice something new.

Nuka the cat is certainly no exception. When his owner, Essi shared some photos of Nuka experiencing the outdoors for the first time, the internet fell in love with his adorable reactions.

“He has never been an outdoors cat and even if it would be an option here, he’s literally terrified of everything. He’s a scaredy-cat,” Essi said. Which is why Essi opted for letting Nuka out onto the balcony for his first experience into the great outdoors. She figured it was a good place to start without getting him too overwhelmed.

Scroll down to see some of Nuka's adorable expressions!

This is Nuka.

And this is Nuka's firs outdoor experience.


"OMG did you see that?"

“As long as I am with him on the balcony he’s fine,” Nuka's owner, Essi said.

“He’s curious and interested about birds, but doesn’t seem to want to hunt them. He just sits and watches.”

Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy

Hey, look at me! I'm outside!

“He has trouble with his motoric skills like jumping. He runs into walls a lot, [but] they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He’s living a normal kitty life and is a happy derp.” Essi says.

Some have expressed concerns about Nuka jumping out, however Essi says, “The apartment complex I live in is going to have balcony windows installed.”

That is one happy face!

Enjoy your new freedom, Nuka!

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