This Cat And Bearded Dragon Are Inseparable Best Friends

Sometimes we know exactly what we want from companionship. We adopt rambunctious puppies and fluffy kittens and we know what we are getting ourselves into. Sometimes we adopt other pets like fish and lizards and again, most of the time we know what we are getting into.

Sometimes, though, friendships form under unusual circumstances where we least expect it. When fluffy and scales collide, for example. I mean, for the most part, most of us wouldn't even think of taking our bearded dragon out of its aquarium in most cases let alone letting it chill with our cat. Especially since cats are not unknown to hunt the occasional lizard with quite a bit of pride and joy.

For one owner though, they figured why not? And the unexpected results were a priceless and adorable friendship between a female bearded dragon named Charles and a cat named Baby that you need to see to believe.

1. Unusual Love

We're sure most people don't think of lizards as being affectionate pets and we're also sure most people assume a cat would be more likely to hunt and slowly devour a lizard but when it comes to Charles and Baby, they sure broke the mold.

2. Breaking the Mold

Even the owner of the unusual pair worried initially that Baby might hurt Charles. But what happened instead was that they bonded and became the best of friends.

3. Cuddle Therapy

The two also like to cuddle and snuggle during thunderstorms because Baby is usually scared of the thunder. But with Charles at her side, she's calm, cool, and collected.

4. Teamwork

Not only are the pair inseperable pals but they work together to guard and protect their home. See? Cute.

5. Selfie time!

The two even take selfies together and nobody seems to mind if the camera catches Baby mid-blink, because it's still SO cute.

6. Playtime

The unusual duo doesn't just cuddle and snuggle, they also play games like tag together!

7. Love buddies.

If this isn't true love, we don't know what is.

8. Friends that eat together...

These adorable buddies even enjoy their meals together and for now, they don't steal from one another's bowl.

9. Claws to Paws

Have you seriously ever seen anything cuter than this? Charles has her claws on Baby's paws while they nap together. My heart can barely take it.

The pair is growing in popularity on their Instagram account where you can keep up with their adorable shenanigans but for now, this video should satisfy all your cat-dragon-love needs:

Friendship can be such a beautiful, random and strange thing. We bond with people we might have had the wrong first impression about. But what about those of us stuck in the Friendzone? It's an actual thing, and it's devastating.

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