Neighborhood Cat Caught On Camera Burglarizing Another Home

If you've ever had a package delivered while you were at work then you're aware that it is an unfortunately common problem that porch packages are snatched by a ne'er-do-well or two. While it's not unheard of for people with video security systems to catch these burglars in the act, not much tends to come from it. It's a frustrating and annoying problem.

This was not quite the case for a St. Petersburg woman, Kristin Beck. Beck had placed an order for a couple of banana-shaped catnip toys for her two cats, Napa and Vino. As she pulled into her driveway the day of delivery, she stumbled on something entirely unexpected: a thief in progress!


The culprit? None other than another neighbourhood cat, tempted by the lure of glorious catnip.

In an interview with The Dodo, Beck said:

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the package being ripped at by the cat. The culprit was on my front porch with one of the bananas already out of the package, and he was going to town on the Amazon bag. I was the victim of an attempted cat burglar.

However, Beck was not overcome with rage. Instead, she found the situation beyond hilarious and immediately pulled out her phone to video the furry feline.

When the cat realized he was busted, he sauntered away. He looked more frustrated than anything that he didn't acquire the glorious gift he was after, and Beck, beside herself with laughter, was pleased to see the damaged package was not a total loss.

But the laughter wasn't completely over, because Beck quickly realized that while the neighbourhood cat was trying to gnaw his way to catnip heaven, one of her cats was watching the whole time. She said:

My indoor kitty watched from the window in horror

Unharmed by the attempted pillaging, the toys found their way to Napa and Vino. Both cats, though possibly traumatized by witnessing the travesty, were delighted to play with their banana-shaped catnip toys.

"There are no hard feelings against the little cat burglar," Beck said. "It's the holidays and I'm glad he got to enjoy some treats, if only for a little while. Not to mention I have not laughed that hard in a really long time."

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