A Company Has Made Cardboard Vehicles For Cats And It Might Be The Best Thing Ever

While we like to think that we have domesticated cats and made them our faithful loving house pets, but the reality is that cats have been worshipped by humans since basically the beginning of time, and they sure know it.

Cats like to taunt us, tease us, and treat us ultimately like slaves for their use whenever their food bowl looks the slightest bit empty. Now to help them in their ego trip a great company called "Suck UK" has created a range of boxes shaped like different kinds of vehicles, you know, to give them experience for when they take over the planet and have to start driving themselves around for once.

You can fin these cool contraptions for purchase on Amazon!

Part of the ad reads as such: "These fun and playful toy houses for your cats are designed to add a sense of adventure to their daily lives about the house. Why spend an afternoon relaxing in a boring, plain old box, when there's the opportunity to become a life saving fireman, thrilling tank driver or LA socialite?!"

Doesn't that sounds amazing? You cat can pretend to be anything from your wildest imagination! You might be training them for world domination, but at least you has some control over how cool they look doing it.

See how some of these product testers enjoy the tank set!

Keep in mind that even though they might not be one size fits all they're still a lot of fun!

And they don't just have Tanks! There's lots of other options too!

How about a fighter plane? Even a cat empire needs and air force to protect it

Although lets remember that it can't just be as easy as this, cats still enjoy to torment us, a lot of them still preferring normal cardboard boxes over these sick designs.

One customer wrote: "A few weeks down the line, they both play with it but not as much as the huge cardboard box I got for free from a supermarket... But I like it, so maybe that's what counts! It does look impressive, with color printing on the inside and outside."

Not only that, but there's no glue or sticking them together, they easily fold away if you ever need the space in your house or perhaps don't want visiting relatives knows you supply for cats with personal vehicles.

How about turning your cat into a fireman?

Or if you're not into vehicles there are other options too! Dj Kitty?

Or your cat can just ride in style

And lastly you can teach your cat what life without humans would be like, and get them a cat-sized house to camp in

How cute are all of these! Spoiled or not your cats definitely need one of these kits to make their home life a little more interesting.

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