This Woman Used A Chicken Coop As An Ingenious Solution To Keep Her Cats Safe

A pet owner's number one priority is the welfare of their pet. This involves things like making sure they go to the vet, eat nutritious food and have sufficient cuddle time (the best part, really). It also includes playing with your pet to make sure they aren't bored and are getting the attention they need.

Another part of pet well being is ensuring that they have a safe environment to live in. Much like you "baby proof" before the arrival of a child; the same needs to be done for a pet. It isn't just about inside your home, but also surveying the surrounding areas for any predators. Which is exactly what this woman did.

Reddit user Jacsmom discovered that coyotes come near their house. So they tried to find a way to let their cats experience fresh air; while still staying safe.

So she modified a chicken coop!

She raised it up and added a floor. She said:

I used plywood, carpet and wire grid that we we already had, so just the cost of the wheels which was about 20 extra buck, so $200 total. I definitely recommend wheels, you can disconnect it from the house very easily that way when you go away from home and want the window locked extra tight.

Another user replied saying they had a similar thought, but ended up just screening in the porch instead.

Have you ever built a catio to keep your cat safe?

Would you?

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