These Cats Got Into The Festive Season By Helping Their Owners Decorate The Christmas Tree

The best part about Christmas and actually the most fun part, except for opening the presents, is decorating the Christmas tree. All the lights and shiny ornaments get us excited and we are not the only ones. First, it would be the little ones trying to help decorate the tree and it will end up looking like something you bought at a scrap yard for next to nothing.

Next in line, after you fixed the poor tree, would be the little terrorists that we call cats! They enjoy climbing, scratching and playing with the tree until there is nothing left on it or until the tree finally snaps and falls over.

And you know what the worst part is? We still think they are the cutest little fur babies, but actually, they are terrorists in disguise. Let's have a look at these poor trees being vandalized by cats.

I will be your shining star.

It lasted a good couple of seconds.

I will be sitting here for the rest of Christmas.

And he was caught all tangled between the lights.

Don't I look just fabulous hanging here?

Spot the cat.

He just wanted to take a nap.

Hmm, this looks tasty.

Slowly approaching the prey.

He thought it would taste nice. Turns out it's just good for getting your teeth clean.

Did you need this?

Planning their plan of attack.

He loves it so much, he had to sit in it.

This one looks bad!

No, no, I will do it.

I will be the tree mommy.

I don't care if he is being naughty, this is a great picture!

See the love in her eyes.

I will be your present this year.

You will go no further human.

I approve this one.

Can I keep it please?

I am the king of the jungle that is my house.

Not sure if he likes it or not.

You knows I am cute.

Oh, let's give it a try.

He totally loves the new spot.

We didn't do it, I swear!

That innocent look they give us.

That's it! I am taking it down.

The wonder in those eyes.

This looks like a nice place to sleep for the night.

The cat version of the Grinch.

Well he is definitely blending in.

What is this thing?

These are bothering me, can we take it off now?

Guess who won.

Do I look good?

Find the cat.

I am all you need to make it look good.

I need to see it up close.

When you leave them alone for 5 minutes.

Her first Christmas and everything is still so new.

He was too excited to wait for the ornaments.

I see you looking at me human.

He was tired of playing with me.

The amount of information that little brain is taking in, is too much.

I am tangled help!

You can't see me.

So delicious that he is licking his lips.

If only the tree was green, they would not have seen me.

Don't mind me.

This little reindeer wanted a silver nose.

Best Christmas present ever!

When they turn into ornaments.

Kitty love is better than any present.

Mind officially blown!

I will be THE ornament.

What beautiful eyes he has.

Helping his mommy decorate the tree.

This is one weird jungle I am exploring.

Don't know if he is decorating or taking them off?

I will choose which one goes and which one stays.

This is what you will walk in on coming home from work if you have a Christmas tree.

He is patiently waiting for Santa to come.

The new lounge area for the cats.

I will just chill here tonight.

Maybe if I stay very still she won't see me.

When you look for your cat and you find him hiding in the Christmas tree.

He was just too lazy to climb into the tree.

He is not very impressed with the human that is disturbing him.

He is killing the little Santa's.

Just a little bit more to the left.

I didn't even see him at all.

Just climbing up the new tree.

We will let it pass because it is your first Christmas.

Nothing to see here! Just a cat sticking out at both sides of the tree.

"What is this thing?"

Well, hello there!

Peekaboo, I see you!

My fabulousness is all you need.

I will be the present.

Sprawled out all over the tree.

I also want to be apart of this tree.

Do you see him?

Nap time in the tree.

You can't see me.

When both decide to redecorate.

And there goes the ornaments.

My toys also belong on the tree.

So this happened 5 minutes after the tree was put up.

Searching for the perfect spot.

Find me if you can.

I am the king of the tree.

I will be waiting until you leave to climb into this green thing

This sunny spot is just perfect.

I sits here now.

The eyes gave him away.

Be careful little one, those things can hurt you.

You can't see through my disguise.

Nobody get's past me.

The perfect photo.

Predator eyes.

I sleeps here from now on.

Little Oreo enjoying herself.

I look good right?

Look at that shiny thing.

Help me woman!

He clearly does not like it.

Hidden away in the wild Christmas tree.

He decided that there should be no silver bells on the tree.

I like the taste okay!

The bodyguards of the tree.

He's too big to get up there.

I want to be alone with it, leave!

Fascinating, this thing they call Christmas tree.

I am part of the presents.

Little Christmas fur helper to the rescue.

Blending in pretty nicely there.

You will never stop me human!

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