Cat Comforts Anxious Dog For 8 Hours Straight While Owner Is Away

Four years ago, a puppy named Joule was adopted by Brenna Eckert. From the start, Joule had problems dealing with anxiety and was extremely attached to her owner. When Brenna adopted a cat companion, Joule and Kelvin instantly got along. Coincidentally, their names before adoption were Sandals and Socks.

Contrary to the popular trope of cat-hates-dog and dog-annoys-cat, Joule and Kelvin would become closer friends than anyone could imagine. One day, Brenna decided to check the footage from security cameras she had previously installed. She was met with a surprise; Kelvin would up next to Joule for the entire day, comforting her.

This is Joule and Kelvin, the cutest duo in the world.

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