Older Cat Welcomes New Kitten Into His Home And Teaches Him Everything He Needs To Know, Especially How To Cuddle

Moonglade Rose is a dedicated animal rescuer, and a short while ago, she found a stray kitten in need of urgent medical attention. She took him to the vet and saved the kitten's life. The poor little guy was shaken from the whole ordeal but saved just in time.

Because he needed time to recuperate, Moonglade Rose brought the little cat, now named Opie, to her home. She was afraid, though, how her cat Andy, who is also a rescue cat, would react. And, indeed, as soon as he heard the little guy's squeaks, he came running.

To Rose" surprise and delight, Andy immediately wrapped his paws around the newcomer and started grooming him. It looked like he was trying to make him feel welcome to his new home.

"Andy welcomed him immediately and wouldn't stop hugging him and kissing him," Moonglade told the reporters.

This is Opie when he arrived at his new home.

Andy came running when he heard meowing and started hugging and kissing him.

More kissing.

Andy and Opie instantly bonded.

“Opie seems to trust me and keeps falling asleep on me. Little guy fits in my hand. And Andy absolutely loves him” says Rose.

They are inseparable, even when sleeping.

Their owner believes that there is something deeper in this story.

"I was adopted… there's always been something missing, even after I met my birth family, but Andy saved my life," Moonglade said.

"And now Opie seems to be doing the same for Andy. What goes around comes around."

“Andy gives his brother lots of love and has been teaching him about the litter box, how to land on his feet, how to hunt and play, but mostly how to cuddle.”

The most important lessons are cuddling.

Their connection is amazing.

Thanks to the love he's getting from Andy and Rose, Opie will grow up to be a self-confident cat.

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