Cat Comics That Highlight How Great Life Is When You Own A Cat

Cats are weird, feisty and often disgusting parts of our lives that we just can't help but fall in love with. Though they're our "pets" everyone knows that a stubborn cat is who really runs the household, and if you oppose them they'll most certainly break all your stuff until you give up to crown them the ultimate ruler. 

That's right, they break things, steal things, wake you up whenever they want and don't forget, they kill things (I just watched my cat eat a bug. Gross.). But even with all those rough edges, our furry felines are some of our best friends and best housemates. 

Check out these adorable comics done by Daria at Catsu the Cat and enjoy the open truth about what it's really like to share your home with a cat!

They see all the ghosts you apparently can't!

They can be very hard to read...

And you're not sure how but they always get their own way???

Honestly they're just plain weird.

But they always do their best to look after their human!

They have habits a real roommate should NEVER do.

If you think you've got it right, you're wrong.

Did I mention they're SUPER dramatic?

And secretive. They only party when you're not invited.

Sun magnets. Don't ask how.

Very tricky animals indeed...

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