15 Cat Comics That Purrfectly Sum Up Life With Cats

27 year-old Hannah Hillam is writing quirky comics out of San Fransisco about cats that are SO spot on. If you have even one cat then you are guaranteed to relate to every single one of these comics. Cats are so unique in every way, with spunky attitudes and a desire to explore and adventure.

Hannah also shows the other side of cat companionship. While cats truly bring light, love, and laughter to our lives they can also be immense troublemakers and well quite frankly, kind of gross sometimes. Hannah has done a phenomenal job of showing just what it truly means to love cats and keep them in your homes and hearts.

1. I don't doubt it.

They're little evil geniuses.

2. Purrfectly trapped!

Cat naps filled with purrs are better than being productive and running errands, anyway.

3. Spooky side of cats

I'm positive they see those ghosts!

4. The hunter

Every cat is capable of hunting. Well, mostly.

5. Sigh...

That's quite enough mischief for 9 lives.

6. The struggle is real.

Either they don't know what they want or they just really enjoy making it clear who the boss is.

7. Butt wait, there's more.

Every cat owner has seen too much cat butt-hole.

8. Awkwardly comfortable

Well, at least one of them is.

9. Cats can get away with anything.

Seriously, they give us that look and all is forgiven. Always.

10. Cat-lady goals

I want this.

11. Solid leadership

Cats have great ideas about how to spend time.

12. Variety

These are the facts.

13. Cats are liquid

They can fit anywhere and everywhere with the right mindset. They're very determined.

14. Well, this is true enough.

Never question kitty's motives.

15. Love scratches

The cutest claws!

You're obviously a cat lover if you've come this far. Admit it. Welcome yourself to the world that is slavery enforced by our feline friends. You need to see these hilarious cat photos. The cats owner, an aspiring photographer, takes simply majestic and gorgeous photos of her cats when they're looking out of the window.

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