Artist Nails What It Is Like To Have A Cat In These Adorable Comics

There is no denying the fact that cats can be very strange little creatures. There is one experience consistent amongst all cat owners: your beloved cat does something strange, and your first thought is ‘do all cats behave this way, or is mine just weird?’ Some cats are definitely stranger than others, but irrespective of their quirks, they are loved just the same.

In her comics, artist Lulu van Hoagland has a unique knack of capturing the joy, and strangeness, felt by humans who live alongside cats. Inspired by her own cats, van Hoagland has created a series of simple, yet heart-warming comics that will resonate with cat lovers everywhere.

Cats are liquid, right?

On the demons within:

On the importance of paying attention while you eat:

On overestimating their abilities:

Hard relate to the cat here, though!

All cat owners have done this:

Human allowing it anyway!

On midnight snacks:

On the perfect present:

On a cat's favourite things:

On getting their own way (... every time):


Suspicious behaviour

The last one is my dream

There's no such thing as alone time

Which is worse though: bug, or ghost?

On drugs, as a treat:

You know it's true:

Who needs to see a sunrise when you have a cat...

On miscommunication:

This is me and my cat right now:

On the brightside:

On what is the most important thing:

The biggest question of all:

No lie.

This is so relatable for all cat owners:

The best kind of day:

And finally, something we've all done:

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