Cats From All Over the World That Are Purrfectly Prepared for Halloween

If you're a cat enthusiast like me then nothing thrills you quite like seeing cats in costumes and Halloween is practically a celebration of our frisky feline friends. Crazy cat folks like us are basically in cat heaven for this holiday season. From people dressed as cats to cat decorations, there is no shortage of incredibly adorable and genuinely phenomenal cat content for us to enjoy. Of course that means the absolute best thing about cats around Halloween is in fact getting to see cats in costumes. This is why the sole reason I've gone out of my way to hunt down the best ones is to share them with you today. 

Okay, that last part is a lie because I also want to see these things. 

Is it a cat? Is it a bat?

It is a bat cat and I'll take 9, please.

Super spooky skeleton cat!

This cat must be super patient

It's a me, Mario!

If kitty was born with a purrfect moustache then you're kind of obligated to find a moustache appropriate costume.

You're fired!

Billionaire cat requires all the milk.

The King lives.

He's channeling his inner large cat and he looks amazing doing it.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's super cat.

He is too precious.

This costume is far from ba-a-a-ad

He wears it well.

A new hope.

Purr-incess Leia.

And they're off!

This is quite brilliant.

Nyan Cat is sure to make you smile.

You know you love this.

Jesse, we have to cook.

He makes the blue catnip.

For the elegant cat...

This is just exquisite.

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