Stray Cat Gets Crocheted Ears And Finds Her Forever Home The Next Day

An adorable stray cat who sadly lost her ears due to medical reasons has been given some sweet crocheted ears by some kind-hearted humans.

Lady in a Fur Coat, or Lady for short, had to have her ear flaps removed because of chronic infections and hematomas.

Despite the dramatic surgery, rescue workers at Dane County Humane Society (DCHS) say that Lady may even be able to hear better now since the infections had been blocking the entrances to her ear canals.

Even sweeter still, Ash Collins from DCHS was kind enough to crochet Lady an adorable "replacement pair" of ears.

After a photo of Lady wearing her new ears was posted on Facebook, she was adopted the very next day.

Talk about a happy ending!

Despite having her ears removed, Lady is a very happy and affectionate cat who loves giving head bumps to every new human she meets.

Being a stray, DCHS was unsure how she would be around other animals, but that didn't stop her - and her adorable new ears - from finding her forever home super quickly!

Here's how people reacted.

Well done, Lucky! We wish you all the very best in your forever home!

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