Attention Cat Lovers We Have Found The Purrfect Job For You

In a world where the economy is ever diversifying and changing; people often need a wide variety of skills to gain employment. Then there's the trouble of having to find an occupation that you love and that also pays enough so you can survive. Which sometimes leaves slim pickings.

Some of us end up working jobs we hate and are overqualified for just to pay the bills. Many people have to give up on their dream job, just to make sure they have enough money to put food on the table. But what if I told you that there was a job where you could capitalise on your love for cats?

Just Cats Clinic in Dublin, Ireland, has posted a job opportunity that will appeal to cat lovers around the world.

The job title is "Cat Cuddler" and I am already booking my aeroplane ticket.

The requirements are simple: the ideal candidate has gentle hands that are capable of stroking cats for long periods of time, be soft-spoken and a cat whisperer (to help calm down some of the stressed cats).

They also have an advantage if they're able to understand and recognise different kinds of purrs.

The clinic works with stray cats, so if you already feed, pet and care for your local stray cats you're probably perfect for the job!

The only catch is that you also need to have a qualification that is recognised by the veterinary council of Ireland.

The application also asks of petting cats makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside--let's be real, of course it does!

I'm finally just relieved that there's a job that caters to my very niche and limited skill of being a certified cat lover.

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