Dads Who Originally Did Not Want A Cat, But Came Around To The Idea

When we are growing up, most of us wanted pets. While some of our parents were equally as excited as their kids—others were not. Sometimes, it is because, even though the kids promise that they will take care of it, their parents are wise enough to know that the pet would become their responsibility instead. 

Sometimes, it is because parents just don’t like animals and therefore do not want them. Whether this is because they didn’t have any pets as kids and don’t understand the innate value they bring to our lives. Nevertheless, even people who don’t want pets can have their minds changed pretty quickly once they meet it! Here we found 19 cases where someone's Dad did not want a cat in their household—but these pictures show otherwise!

This improvised shelf must have been made with lots of love

This Dad just had to make sure he got this moment captured

Caught red-handed

This Dad made the cat a cardboard house

This Dad is now feeding the new cat and is loving it

I think he regrets not getting a cat sooner

The Dad who makes sure the cat is tucked in every night

Someone is trying to get a new wallpaper for their phone

When your Dad makes a bunk bed for the cats

I can't decide who is enjoying this more

This Dad is practically sharing every little thing the cat does to Facebook

I think he is at peace with his decision to keep the cat now

This Dad has claimed his daughter's kitten as his own

Someone's Dad is letting out their crafty side

this Dad pretends he hates cats, but picks them up every time he visits

This Dad keeps the cat entertained with cat videos

The cat must be getting too much love from this Dad

This Dad is the real cat whisperer

This Dad just wanted to have a hug

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