This Guy Is Proof That The Ultimate Prom Date Is Your Cat

It's common knowledge that cats are one of the most graceful and stunning creatures in the world. Instead of taking a date to prom, why not take your cat?

User caroline12006 on Imgur posted an image of her brother, Sam, posing for a picture with the family's cat; turns out Sam couldn't find a date for prom and decided to go with his cat Ruby instead. I mean, I don't know about you, but I think a cat date is a far superior choice to anything else. Ruby was welcomed into Sam's family after she was found wandering outside, and now she's living her best life (In a pink dress!).

Here's the original post by Caroline:

My brother took our cat to prom

This is Ruby; I'm already in love with how elegant she is.

Sam and Ruby are the ultimate cat-human duo!

These two are adorable and I hope they keep this bond :,)


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