This Cat Demands Half An Hour Of Cuddle Time Every Morning

Tigger the cat was found under a truck by Faith Linderman, who then brought him home to adjust to his new family. Thankfully, he settled in nicely. Tigger has grown close to Linderman's dad in particular, demanding half an hour of cuddle time every morning before he has to work.

If Linderman's father happens to be running late for work and can't spend time with Tigger, he'll stay upset for the the entirety of the day. It's obvious from the photos how much Tigger loves his dad, not to mention how attached he is to him. I love seeing how much they mean to each other. <3

Look what a happy kitty he is!

The happy expression on Tigger's face is contagious.

My heart melts at their dynamic.

He looks so comfortable:

I aspire to reach that level of lazy happiness.

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