These Cats Perfectly Describe Our Daily Struggles

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Nothing can ever compare to the struggles we have to go through every single day, and it's not even about the gravity of each issue, in fact, it's often all about each person's individual perspective and how each particular problem affects their psychology because we're all very aware that our struggles are considered banal and ridiculous by many people from the less fortunate areas of the world.

Cats are constantly chilling and never have to worry about anything at all, which is why they're perfect for reenacting our "First World Struggles" that are more about our own laziness than some outside factor.

1. Everything's going to be okay as long as you keep ignoring everything

2. Oh lord, what have I done

3. He seems to be having a great time

4. My fat ass gotta save some money

5. Why is it taking sooo loooonnggg

6. You know's not even worth it

7. She is beauty, she is grace, you will never see her face

8. Mental fictional scenarios are the best

9. This is rock bottom

10. I don't know any of these people, please help

11. I need to quit this job

12. Why is that even considered a bad thing

13. Seducing, but natural

14. The walk of shame

15. I always Google that

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Gloria Lintermans
Gloria Lintermans

November 07, 2018

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