Frankie Muniz's Cat Just Destroyed His 5-Storey Home

Frankie Muniz - formerly of Malcolm in the Middle fame - has been having a downright awful week. First of all his Uncle just passed away, and Muniz and his partner Paige Price had to travel to France to attend the funeral. Already exhausted, and after 45 hours of travel, Muniz and Price returned to their 5 story brownstone home to find 4 of the 5 stories under 3 feet of water. What could've possibly caused this as parts of California rage with wild fires? None other than their room mate, a furry friend... their cat. The couple then proceeded to live update the next few days events on Twitter.

That's right - his cat turned on a tap and the destruction is 'unbelievable' as Muniz put it.

It's going to be a tough few weeks for Muniz, who praises the strength of his partner Paige Price for her unending support in this tough time.

Paige posted a video detailing a small part of the amount of work its going to take to repair the home. She states that they have to remove all of the walls, floors and ceilings in order to stop the mold. Gross.

Muniz is obviously blown away and devastated at what has happened, as he later tweeted about the unbelievable amount of destruction caused simply by a cat turning on a tap.

It gets worse - Muniz goes on to tell of how the hotel he and Price are staying at had the fire alarm go off in the middle of the night, forcing them to evacuate onto the street.

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