Mischievous Cat Is On a Mission To Destroy All The Toilet Paper Stash In The House

Eleanor and her sister Tahani were abandoned by their previous family after they had moved away so they were sheltered by Tiny Tails Rescue in Australia. Soon after that, they were taken in as foster by Kylie Duffield who eventually ended up getting so attached to them that she just couldn't give them up.

Out of the two cats, Eleanor has always been the naughtiest. She would always get into trouble by going on mischievous cat adventures inside the house. Her mom is constantly trying to keep her out of things, but due to her nature, Eleanor always manages to slip through her mom's cat-proofing.

Duffield told The Dodo:

“Eleanor will destroy everything, loves pulling her collar off and chewing it up … but toilet paper is her real thing,” 

Eleanor is completely obsessed with toilet paper for some reason. She will never miss the chance to destroy them.

Toilet paper has become almost sacred as of late. People have been hoarding it because they're scared they won't have enough to last through a 14-day quarantine.

Eleanor obviously doesn't care about any of that, it's almost like an addiction for her and her mom's efforts to stop her have gone to waste.

“I have to make sure I shut the door tight and I’ve never had a cat do this so I do forget on occasion,” Duffield said.

Eleanor’s addiction is quite adorable, but we hope her mom will finally find an effective method to put a stop to it.

“I’ve got a spare six-pack at the moment but the shops are cleaned out every time I go so I’m trying to keep her out but she’s sneaky and cheeky,” Duffield said.

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