This Person Turned To The Internet To Feel Better After Their Cat Died In Their Bedroom


Losing a pet is certainly one of the most heartbreaking and saddest moments in any person's life. One moment your pet is there and the next they are just gone, never to be seen, heard or even touched again.

It just breaks your heart into a million pieces, especially if it's unexpecting and you didn't even see it coming. The exact thing happened to this Quora user when they woke up from a nap to find out their cat has died while they were sleeping.

It was so unexpected and heartbreaking that they felt guilty about not being able to save or even help the cat. So, they turned to the online forum to ask for advice on how to feel better and not feel so guilty about it.

The response was amazing and we surely do hope that this person feels better now! Scroll down to take a look at the amazing responses they got.

Losing a pet is so heartbreaking that a lot of people struggle to deal with it.

One Quora user felt so guilty that they seeked help on the forum to feel better.

We don't know what they expected, but probably not such sincere responses. 

And they just got so much better and more sincere, it brings tears to your eyes.

Some people even started sharing their own experiences to make them feel better.

Others were simply just moved by the post.

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October 02, 2018

My cat cindy died on june while i was at work , she had been strugling with a very serious case of diabetes and was hard to control, she had just spent the weekend at ER for the 4th time that month , when I came home she was gone , i understand everyone that goes through this because i know how much it hurts, i wish i had been there to say goodbye, she was my companion for 9 years


October 02, 2018

My beautiful honey passed away suddenly at 5 years of age a couple of months ago.

The night before she got in bed and slept with me for the first time I ages. She likes to sleep on reclining chair I have in my room. That morning she gave me extra kisses and begged for double breakfast.
That afternoon she went upstairs to my room and went to sleep.
I came home from Work later in the afternoon and she was there stretched out asleep by the chair next to my bed.

I still ache to think I wasn’t there. But she knew and I think she spent the 24 hours prior saying goodbye and thanking me for rescuing and loving her unconditionally.


August 18, 2018

My 16 year old cat was the same.
We had to get my 18 year old cat put to sleep as her organs were beginning to fail. About 2 months after this my 16 year old cat went on an adventure for 4 days then came back for a cuddle and went under my bed and died. I am still distraught to this day and this happened about 3 years ago.

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