This Woman's Cat Disappeared For Five Years Until They Had This Amazing Reunion

Nguhi Muturi and her kitty Panther were best friends. He was her first pet at the tender age of nine years old.  “I loved him to pieces and used to write about him for every daily journal entry in school,” she told the Press Association. “We adopted him when he was a kitten months after we moved into this home.”

They lived together until Nguhi went off to college, and around the same time, Panther slipped out the door and never came back. Sadly, the family assumed that they had lost poor Panther forever. They grieved their loss and eventually came to peace with it. 

5 years after that fateful day, Panther showed back up at her house! Everyone was amazed, and she even got along with Nguhi's new husky Trotsky. Her neighbors called over later that day asking about their missing cat, Charlie. They hadn't seen him all day and were worried. 

Well.....Panther = Charlie!!! 

Read below to see how this crazy story comes together, and how everyone gets a happy ending :) 

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