16 Facts of Life When You Own A Cat

If you haven't brought a cat into your home and heart yet then I've got news for you: everything you think you know is almost surely wrong. Just throw all those preconceived notions out the window where they belong. Owning a cat is a special experience and most of us cat owners know that cats own us way more than we know them. OK, you probably knew that little gem, but everything else on this list? These are the facts of life we've come to accept as cat owners and they are "truths" only we can understand. 

So, if you own a cat, then you'll understand every image on this list with enthusiasm. If you don't own a cat, buckle up for the ride and learn a thing or two about why cats are the best.

1. Second breakfast...

Or, "if you let my bowl deplete of any amount of food I will not leave you alone until you fill it." However many breakfasts that is.

2. Cats rule the Internet...

Also your laptop is a cat bed.

3. In the epic battle of boxes versus expensive toys:

Boxes will always win. Always.

4. Comfort is a mindset.

Cats have a lot to contemplate and can fall asleep virtually anywhere and in any position imaginable.

5. Do not disturb.

Stare out the window time is sacred and holy.

6. Much like the toy and tree incident...

Boxes are also better than fancy, expensive cat beds. Boxes are... everything.

7. Anything to make life difficult for mom.

Why would your cat puke on the linoleum? That's too easy to clean.

8. Sleeping is life.

Sometimes a nap is just a 24 hour sleep session.

9. Mischief:

Maximum levels achieved.

10. Who is the boss?

The cat is the boss.

11. Selfie?

It's permanently a group activity now. So is using the bathroom, by the way.

12. Never wake a sleeping kitty...

Especially if kitty has blessed your existence by sleeping in your lap.

13. That's not a sink, it's a bed.

Seriously, cats freaking love laying in these things. Usually for hours on end.

14. Cats don't really like bowls of water

However, literally anything else with water in it that wasn't designed for their consuming privileges, is fair game.

15. Important cat stuff.

I may not understand it, but I respect your need to do it, kitty.

16. Your cat will help himself.

To any and everything.

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