19 Cats That Show Exactly How You Feel At Some Point In Your Life

It is undeniable that cats embody some of the most humanlike qualities. Though these are often some of our lesser qualities, like laziness or selfishness, that just makes these little feline furballs all the more relatable. Whether they're ignoring us, sending angry looks in our direction, or are just generally being lazy AF, cats make life look that much better with their cute and cuddly ways. 

Whatever humans do, cats can do better, or at the very least, they can do it much cuter. Check out these cats below that seriously relate to almost every human emotion that we experience daily.

1. When those real world issues come weighing down.

2. When you haven't had your morning coffee yet.

3. When you get caught stalking your ex on Facebook.

4. When you're afraid of commitment and he asks you to be his girlfriend.

5. How you feel you look vs. how you really look.

6. When you're given too much responsibility at work.

7. When you've had enough of other people and need to let off some steam.

8. When you're on a diet and you see other people eating.

9. When you're drunk and it's Friday night in the club.

10. When you have no money left for the week so you're forced to live on instant noodles until payday.

11. When you forgot to do the homework and your teacher asks you to make a presentation.

12. When people annoy you after you specifically told them to leave you alone.

13. When somebody tells you to exercise when you already have the perfect furry body.

14. When you first meet someone and don't want to speak to them.

15. When you keep telling yourself you'll do it tomorrow.

16. When somebody sees you ruining your diet.

17. When you know you have to leave for work soon but you're hungover.

18. When your grandma buys you a gift that you have to pretend to love but you really don't.

19. When the holiday season comes around and you become super festive.

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