This Cat Wanted To Let His Humans Know Just How Much He Loved Them On His Final Day On This Earth

There's one thing every pet owner tries not to think about for the longest time possible, that's the thought of having to say goodbye to your beloved pet when they finally decide to leave this earth. No one's ever ready for that moment because we all wish that our pets could live forever. Cats have a very short life, which is the cause of a lot of heartbreak and depression within the cat people community. Saying goodbye sucks, and it's one of the hardest things you could ever do, especially with your furbaby.

Reddit user u/abernha3 recently shared with the r/cats community the most precious moment with his beloved cat, Andrew. He said that his cat proved to be much stronger than all his human parents combined, which is why he decided to hold their hands while they were taking their very last car ride together just as a way to comfort them and show them that everything's going to be alright. 

“Little Andrew was my junior.” says Abernha3, “He was 15 and a half and loved everyone, but just got old and sick over the last year. He purred everyday of his life and when he lost that, I knew it was time. Always sad to lose a friend. Sorry for everybody else’s losses as well.”

This picture doesn't need a caption because it says a thousand words....

After this post went viral, a lot of other Reddit users decided to reach out their condolences. There's nothing more heartbreaking than having to say goodbye to your best friend. All we can do is remember all of the special times we've spent with them and enjoy having those memories while life goes on.

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