This City Let People Pay Their Parking Fines By Donating Cat Food To A Local Shelter

Every now and again there is a good news story takes you completely by surprise; this is that story. Parking fines are often known as being “revenue raisers” that are sometimes administered unfairly. Which may be so, but this town altered the payment rules for a very special cause.

Rather than paying parking fines in cash, people were able to pay by donating much-needed items to a local animal shelter. People were able to see their money being used to help a good cause; rather than, maybe, benefiting them indirectly through infrastructure projects—or just lining the pockets of the wealthy. This was an excellent collaborative community initiative that helped poor little kitties.

Muncie Animal Care & Services posted this on their Facebook page:

"Got parking tickets?? Want to help the 350+ cats/kittens currently being cared for at Muncie Animal Care and Services? MACS has partnered with the Muncie Police Department with a wonderful program that allows people who have parking tickets to pay their tickets with cat/kitten food, litter, wet/pate canned food, beds, blankets, etc. in lieu of paying with money. You may bring your supplies to the Chiefs office located at City Hall, or directly to the shelter located at 901 W. Riggin Rd. Muncie, IN 47303. We're in dire need of supplies for the large volume of cats/kittens being cared for here at MACS, and they keep pouring in our doors. We are incredibly grateful for the the support we receive from the community, and this is such a wonderful opportunity to help your local shelter. Thank you to the Muncie Police Department for putting this together!!
Please share!!!!"

It's such a cute idea!

Here's the video that the Muncie Police Department Posted:

"Puur-tect and serve"

It was effective!

The shelter posted a list of items they desperately need:

They even got on board with the Area 51 memes!

The shelter also needs fosters!

If you live nearby and have the means to help out; please do!

Check out some of the adorable cats they have up for adoption!

Levi's picture looks a little like a mugshot; maybe he didn't pay his parking fines?

Look at Boo!

Sheba finally got adopted!

Look how cute Journey is!

The Muncie Police love their kitties!

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