Hysterical Times Where Cats Made The Most Of Their Space

Cats are notorious for many things but one of the most amusing examples is their ability to seemingly take on a liquid form. They squish their furry feline bodies into any contraption or spot they damn well please. There is no box too small, no shelf too high. There is no spot too dangerous and no spot too awkward. 

When a cat wants to sit, all they require is that they fit, and their idea of fitting is vastly different than yours and mine. And that is no exaggeration, a cat will squish themselves into literally anything from boxes of all sizes to literally your shoe.

But don't you fret, just because it doesn't look like a situation we would be comfortable in there's research that suggests our kitties do these humorous and bizarre squishy things because it reduces their stress and helps keep in body heat. So it's a good thing that our cats are so incredibly stubborn about sitting where they "fit," and it certainly doesn't hurt that they also make us laugh hysterically along the way.

Shade provided

The warmth of doggo with the shade of a contraption? I don't blame kitty for sitting.

All head.

A teeny, tiny box and big, floof with eyes.

Cats of all sizes are still cats.

Dangerous predator? Doesn't matter, still no match for the almighty box.

Better than packing peanuts.

Fluff > Foam

Dad's safe space is not so safe

There is no freedom from the hoard of kittens. For me, that would be the opposite of a problem.


Little kitten fits in pockets, naps astonishingly well.

The other white meat?

Wait a minute, this is not the source of protein I had in mind when I ordered my salad....

The little ol' kitten who sat in a shoe...

She was so tired she didn't know what else to do:

As the kitten grows...

The basket is still ideal.

Asthetically pleasing nap location

This ginger kitty looks like a missing puzzle piece.

"Do you come here often?"

Nothing to see here, folks.

Little green bowl.

Perfect for sits.

Boots tested on animals:

Tested for maximum comfort of course! Not what you expected.

Some kitties sit in cups.

This kitty sits in bra cups.

When you lose your cat for 2 hours...

Just check the frying pan, of course.

The conundrum.

"I sat in this box and there's a hole for my paw."

Taking an opportunity.

It was a crime of passion.

If you diligently water your cat plant:

You'll grow the most luscious of kitties.

Liquid Cat

I never knew a cat in a glass bowl could be so beautiful and so funny depending on how she sits in it.

Crazy Cat Lady

All she wants is wine and cats.

Fits is a general term

For example, his head fits.

Parmesan cat

"Don't sprinkle me on your pizza, hooman."

My special box.

Sometimes your cat needs a designated box in a designated area.


Kitty puts the purr in purse.

Shoes? You don't need no stinkin' shoes.

You need kitty.

Sort of fits.

Totally sits.

Any box, any where, any time.

Cats are dedicated to the game.


The transformation is unparalleled.

Cats and gardens.

This cat wouldn't fit in your small pot but the wheelbarrow does the trick.

Little paws.

There is no place safe from the mighty cat.

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